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As the negative effects of the global recession took hold in Charleston, S.C. in early 2009, local soup kitchens, shelters and the community they served felt the burden. Demand for services rose sharply. And, at the same time, the charitable donations these service organizations survived on dried up. Charleston’s nonprofit organizations aren’t alone in feeling the impact of recession. Feed The Need was created in the hopes that communities across the country could replicate the idea. The demand for critical services is real, and following these five simple steps will help get Feed The Need off and running in your community:

1. Find a champion. There is no need to create a big organization. The key to getting the program off the ground is a vocal, passionate and respected leader.

2. Involve your local restaurant association. Garnering their support up front will be helpful in rallying your local culinary community.

3. Bring your local soup kitchens and shelters to the table. Secure the commitment of local soup kitchens and shelters to allow your group to serve one day a week throughout the year.

4. Understand the needs of the organizations and the people they serve. It’s important to know whether there are dietary restrictions on the type of food served, as well as what else is needed beyond meals (i.e., silverware, napkins, etc.).

5. Identify an administrator to keep everything on track. Scheduling dates with the nonprofits and participating restaurants will require some coordinating. It’s important to put someone in charge of maintaining a master calendar and sending out reminders to the restaurants.

For more information on Feed The Need or questions on how to get started in your local community, call (843) 577-4522 or e-mail: charlestongrill@charlestonplace.com